The Art of Fairtrade Coffee
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Heaton Normal Intermediate School

Year 8 pupils at Heaton Normal Intermediate School show what is possible in painting with Fairtrade coffee!

Heaton Normal Intermediate School believes that all pupils should learn about ‘Global Citizenship and Sustainability’. As part of this overall goal, the Year 8 inquiry topic for term 1 was ‘Fair Trade and Gobalisation’.

Art students looked at the importance of Fair Trade crafts in developing countries. They each selected a Fair Trade item from those on display in the art room. That item was then incorporated into a composition for a self-portrait painting.

Instant Fairtrade coffee was mixed in different concentrations and used as the painting medium. A variety of traditional watercolor techniques were employed, as well as a few the students invented themselves. The coffee produced glorious golden hues and, when used in concentration, a beautiful lustrous surface texture.
Pupils were encouraged to use items other than brushes to create textures and they found that painting uses more coffee than you would think!

"An added benefit from using this medium was the wonderful aroma that filled the classroom!"

Year 8 - aged 12

"She has a Wola Nani bowl upside down on her head, made of recycled paper, including anti smoking health warnings sold to raise money for women and children affected by Aids"

The school organised the work to go on exhibition in Christchurch Cathedral, was opened by the Bishop of Christchurch. Served Fairtrade coffee and cakes at the opening.  CWS and Cathedral Administrator helped. The Dean and Bishop andmyself spoke at opening. Selection of pupils attended

Heaton is a mixed Intermediate school ,years 7 & 8 ( Normal means that it is a teaching school for trainee teachers , they are mentored by the permanent staf

All artworks use Fairtrade coffee exclusively to form part of the coffeecolours collection.