The Art of Fairtrade Coffee
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How to paint using Fairtrade Coffeecolours 

Coffee will stain fabrics and papers and is a great alternative painting material. Using only the light and dark coffee browns on a white background challenges the artist to work in a restricted but rewarding way.

The final painting shines out from the page, all you need is coffee water and watercolour paper. Painting on canvas is also possible but beware with both materials that over flexing could crack the coffee.

Colours and Texture
Instant coffee granules are very convienient to mix up a range of coffee browns.  Using boiling water is necessary to fully mix the coffee and get the dark richer shades.  Expresso coffee will give even darker and richer coffeecolours.

Coffee can by sticky and difficult to control and getting the dilution right may take practice. You'll need a little patience when you begin painting in Coffeecolours!

Drying is VERY important so that the coffee will not start to mould. the thicker the coffee paint that longer it will take to dry thoroughly. A coffee painting coffee may not last forever, so coating the image for preservation might be a good idea.

The coffee can be sticky even when dry.  If so it is important to set the painting back in the frame so that it is away from the front glass.

 To many people coffee is an art form, so why not paint with it?