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Fairtrade Eastbourne teamed up with Anti Sweatshop Movement Eastbourne to organise an 'EthicalandLocal' market for all Eastbourne shoppers to enjoy, based in the pedestrianised area of Termnus Road.  The first market to go ahead was on Sunday 9th March.

A THIRD market is planned for Sunday 21st June 2009!

The EthicalandLocal theme is to encourage responsible shopping and to strengthen the links between Eastbourne consumers and producers, be they farmers locally or in the Third World.

Below is a list of local traders that held a stall.   See you next time?!

1. Fairtrading Post Based: Eastbourne
Eastbourne’s only exclusively Fair Trade business. Based in the Enterprise Centre, selling Fairly Traded gifts, musical instruments, jewellery and wide selection of confectionary, all from Third World countries. Also selling Peruvian hand made woolen cardigans for children

2. Cazash Based: Eastbourne
Based in Terminus Road, selling Organic hemp bags, hemp t-shirts and Fairly Traded jewellery.

3, Love That Stuff Based: Brighton
Not-for-profit business that imports high quality and stylish Fairly Traded clothing, jute bags, baskets and jewellery from Africa, South Asia and South America. Stall will contain a selection of clothing and gift items for Christmas.
Web:  www.lovethatstuff.co.uk

4. Fallen Angel Brewerery Based: Battle, East Sussex
Small local brewery selling bottled beers and mead.
Web: www.fallenangelbrewery.com

5. Sharnfold Farm Stone Cross Based: Stone Cross, Eastbourne
Selling locally grown vegetables and preserves made on the farm. Christmas wreaths and taking orders for own grown Christmas Trees and turkeys.
Web: www.sharnfoldfarm.co.uk

6. Thrilli Foods Based: Seaford, East Sussex
Selling Jars of homemade Thrilli Foods. A chilli-based range of products that can be eaten straight from the jar or added into various cooking processes. Including samples for the consumer to taste. 
Web: www.thrillifoods.com

7. Lewis Fruiterers  Based: Alfriston
Selling locally grown and seasonal vegetables.  Previously based in Eastbourne Enterprise Centre.
Web: www.lewisfruiterers.co.uk 

8. Cocoa Loco Based: Brighton
A green company selling handmade, organic luxury chocolates.
Web: www.cocoaloco.co.uk 

9. Stratta Based: Eastbourne
Selling an award winning range, produced in Eastbourne, of sweet fruit and flower vinegars, herb vinegars, herb infused olive oils, unusual preserved fruits such as sea-salt preserved lemons etc.  Regularly attending 15 different Farmers’ Markets s well as a number of the fine food festivals such as Emsworth, Glynde, RHS Wisley, West Dean, Petworth House.
Web: www.stratta.org 

10. Shea by Nature Based: Hastings
Selling Fair Trade products that include Shea butter. Body butter, body lotions, black soap, lip balm, sponge and liquid soap. The products will be arranged on a table in a 3m x 3m covered stall. 
Web: www.africanblacksoaponline.co.uk

11. Kolkata Based: Brighton
Importing products from Fair Trade organisations and charities from Calcutta(Kolkata), India to a shop in Brighton that sells Fair Trade products.

12. Carr Taylor Wines Based: Hastings
Selling a variety of wines made from a local vineyard.
Web: www.carr-taylor.co.uk

13. Greenway Fruit Farm Based: Hailsham, East Sussex
Selling a large variety of apples and pears within an Integrated Pest Management System using minimal chemical inputs, also selling apple juice. The fruit is grown to Farm Assured standards.

14. Downsview Farmhouse Based: Ringmer
Selling locally produced sussex real ice cream.
Web:  www.downsviewfarm.co.uk

15. I am natural Based: Brighton
Selling a selection of natural cosmetics and soaps.
Web:  www.iamnatural.co.uk

16. Sussex and the City Based: Brighton
Selling only products made within 50 miles of Brighton that are bought direct from producer.
Web: www.sussexandthecity.co.uk

17. Old Town Bakery Based: Old Town, Eastbourne
Selling locally baked breads and cakes

18. Maynards Fruit Based: Windmill Hill
Selling apples, plums, nuts and soft fruit grown locally.
Web:  www.maynardsfruit.co.uk  

19. Sussex High Weald Dairy Products Based: Horsted Keynes, West Sussex
Selling a selection of cheeses from organic sheep’s milk and organic cow’s milk.
Web:  www.highwealddairy.co.uk  

20. Fletching Glasshouses Based: Fletching
Local business about to be certified as organic, selling pesticide free flowers and vegetables.
Web:  www.fletchingglasshouses.co.uk  

21. Hempstead Fine Foods Based: Eastbourne
Selling locally prepared pies, pasties and quiches. 

22. Creative Co-op Based: Eastbourne
Eastbourne's artist community group selling paintings and artworks and creating new paintings on the day.
Web:  www.creativeco-op.co.uk

23. Wallace Plants Based: Laughton
Selling a great selection locally grown garden plants.
Web:  www.wallace-plants.co.uk

23. Cambodian Handicraft Association Based: Brighton
Selling a Fairly Traded gifts imported form Cambodia

Other local traders ....

Natural Flow Based: Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex
Selling a selection of items imported by the company from Fairly Trading projects in the Third World. These include Fair Trade and ethically sourced clothing, world percussion and music instruments, assorted small gifts, incense and aromatic resins.
Web:  www.naturalflowdirect.com

  Kids Like me Based: Eastbourne
Selling Fairly traded toys and musical instruments from around the world and a multicultural range of dolls.
Web:  www.kidslikeme.co.uk

  Fair Deal Trading Based: Brighton
Selling Fairly traded sports balls made in Pakistan and also ethically traded shoes.
Web:  www.fairdealtrading.com

Jiva Fairtrading Based: Brighton, East Sussex
An Ethical company selling only fairly-traded goods from indigenous communities needing support. Every item is ethically produced, bought for a fair price from people working in safe environments.
Web: www.jivafairtrading.com

  Believe You Can Based: Brighton
Selling Fairly Traded baby toys.
Web:  www.believe-you-can.com

  Fairly Covered Based: Brighton
Selling bed covers and sheets made from Fairtrade cotton.
Web:  www.fairlycovered.com

  Conscious Clothing Based: Brighton
Selling exclusively designed Fairtrade t-shirts.
Web:  www.conscious-clothing-brighton.co.uk

Eco Coffee Based: London
Selling a variety of different coffee blends (roasted coffee beans and roast & ground coffee) sourced only from Fairtrade and environmentally responsible producers. Associated products and gift packs.
Web:  www.ecocoffee.co.uk

The Potato Shop Based: Rye, East Sussex
Selling a full variety of potatoes grown locally.
Web: www.thepotatoshop.com

Dry River Chillies Based: Brighton, East Sussex
Selling dry and fresh chillies and chilli plants and sauces.
Web: www.dryriverchillies.co.uk 

Hemp Garden Based: Hastings, East Sussex
Selling their own range of fine, safe and effective bodycare products (including creams & lotions, cleaning & conditioning, body oils) and hemp seed oil.
Web: www.hempgarden.co.uk 

  Hastings and Bexhill Wood Recycling Based: Hastings
Selling crafts from recycled wood.
Web:  www.recyclingwood.org.uk

  Dawgs Biscuits Based: St Leonards
Organic dog biscuits and treats.
Web:  www.dog-treat.co.uk

  Battle Wine Estates Based: Lewes
Selling a selection of wines made from locally grown grapes.
Web:  www.battlewineestate.com

  Lazy Baby & Plain Lazy Based: Lewes
Selling a selection of the Lazy Baby clothing range for babies and children, which have a fun design and are made from Fairtrade cotton. Also selling Plain Lazy men’s & women’s t-shirts.
Web:  www.lazybaby.com

  Say cheese of Sussex Based: Lewes
Selling a locally produced cheeses.
Web:  www.saycheeseofsussex.co.uk

  Chillipepper Pete Based: Brighton
Selling a wide range of chillies from mild to tasty to hot to very hot!!
Web:  www.chillipepperpete.com

  Carry-a-bag Based: Hastings
Selling recycled fashionable bags.
Web:  www.carry-a-bag.com

  Seddlescombe Organic Vineyard Based: Robertsbridge, East Sussex
Selling organic wines, organic ciders and organic fruit juices. Will also sell mulled wine for customers to enjoy.
Web:  www.englishorganicwine.co.uk

Merryweather's Herbs Based: Herstmonceux
Selling a wide selection of differnt herbs grown locally.
Web:  www.morethanjustagarden.co.uk

Bookham Cheese and Pasta Based: Arlington
Selling a selection of cheeses, including vegetarian parmesan, and pasta dishes.
Web:  www.bookhamcheese.co.uk

Court Lodge Organics Based: Pevensey
Selling locally produced dairy products.
Web:  www.courtlodgeorganics.co.uk

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