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   Fairtrade School   

  Could your school support Fairtrade and achieve Fairtrade Status?  

To become a Fairtrade School you need to meet 5 goals
  1. Set up a Fairtrade School Steering Group with at least half pupils and which meets at least once a term (i.e. at least 3 times per year).
  2. Write and adopt a Fairtrade Policy which has the support of the board of Governors and is signed by the Head teacher.
  3. Use and sell Fairtrade products as much as possible.
  4. Learn about Fairtrade in at least three subjects in at least two year groups.
  5. Take action for Fairtrade at least once a term in the school and once a year in the community.

What does a school do to become a Fairtrade School?

Let Megan, in Year 9 at The Bishop Bell CE School, tell you.

‘In 2009, Bishop Bell was awarded Fairtrade School status. We were awarded a certificate for all of the work we have done on Fairtrade. We have a group that meets at lunchtimes called the Global Awareness Group and we take responsibility of coordinating the Fairtrade events and changes throughout the school.

In the canteen, we changed many food products to Fairtrade and we have Fairtrade bunting hanging up around the canteen as decoration. The food is very nice, and tastes just as good as the previous products. But, by using Fairtrade we know that the farmers have been paid a fair wage for their products.

We have had many different Fairtrade events throughout the school. Two years ago, we joined in with the 'Go Bananas!' event. We had to try and help set a world record of how many Fairtrade bananas could be eaten on one day. It was a fun day, and lots of people got involved. Last year, we did 'The Big Swap' event. At Bishop Bell, we made it all about chocolate, giving out different types of Fairtrade chocolate to the pupils. We had lots of fun. The whole event was about trying to persuade people to change their ordinary products like tea, coffee and even clothes to Fairtrade tea, coffee and cotton.

The pupils at Bishop Bell really enjoy the Fairtrade events and we all love to eat the Fairtrade food in the canteen. We will continue to use Fairtrade and promote it at school and in the community‘.

Case Study:
Fairtrade at Ratton School

Ratton is a very proud to be a Fairtrade School.  We have met the five goals set by the Fairtrade Foundation to become a Fairtrade School.

The Fairtrade group is made up of students from a range of year groups and we meet at least once a term to discuss ways to raise awareness of Fairtrade.
Already this term we have:

For the Big Fair Bake fortnight in October, we made a cake using Fairtrade ingredients and invited local MP Steven Lloyd to share it with us.

Mr Lloyd spent the afternoon with our students discussing the importance of Fairtrade.

Students organised a cake sale a to raise money which was donated to Fairtrade and a “ guess how many Fairtrade buttons in the jar?” which Ms Vinson won! (she shared them with her tutor group).

We surprised Mr Linsel by presenting him with a Fairtrade cake.

Students have also met with a company that sells Fairtrade cotton uniform for schools and we are currently investigating the possibility of offering a selection of Fairtrade polo shirts as an option for parents.

Well done to the Fairtrade student group who are working so hard to promote a fairer world.

“Ratton School celebrates Fairtrade Fortnight” :

Ratton is proud to be a Fairtrade School. We are delighted to announce the news that we are the first school in the town to offer school polo shirts made from Fairtrade cotton. The photo shows Mike Trodd from Koolskools,  the organisation who are providing our Fairtrade polo shirts, Mrs Marriott from Ratton Fairtrade Club and a group of dedicated students. 

To celebrate Fairtrade fortnight, the students organised a variety of activities. Millie Stone and Emily Bruzon- Edwards (year 10 students) delivered fun and engaging assemblies about Fairtrade every morning for one week, making sure everyone at Ratton was aware of Fairtrade Fortnight . 

A group of students from the Fairtrade club ran a cake sale and raised over £50.  Everyone at school got involved by bringing  in the packaging from Fairtrade products  and  students created a beautiful recycled mascot. We have named the mascot “Felicity Fairtrade”!

Congratulations to all those involved in making Fairtrade Fortnight a success. Ratton students are proud to be involved in the Fairtrade movement that makes a difference to people in poorer parts of the world.


You can visit the school's website at http://www.ratton.e-sussex.sch.uk/

To find out more about becoming a Fairtrade School, go to the Fairtrade Schools website


To find out all you need to know about why and how to become a Fairtrade School download or order an Action Guide full of advice and ideas.

Schools in Eastbourne awarded Fairtrade School Status:
  • The Bishop Bell CE School (secondary)
  • Ratton School (secondary)
  • (If you know your school is a Fairtrade School or would like to become one let us know)