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We need YOU to make Eastbourne a Fairtrade Town!
 By asking for Fairtrade you not only can help increase the amount of Fairtrade sold locally but also by showing some demand help to increase the amount of Fairtrade avaialble to buy.

Join in with our Ask for Fairtrade campaign when you are out and about in Eastbourne...
  • Ask for Fairtrade tea at the hairdressers
  • Ask for Fairtrade coffee in an Eastbourne cafe
  • Ask for Fairtrade wine when out drinking
  • Ask for Fairtrade clohes on the highstreet

Look out for our Ask for Fairtrade cards to help get the message across. Just fill in the back with the name of the Fairtrade product you want to buy then hand it over to the business staff or leave it behind on a table.  Doing this will show that you would choose to buy Fairtrade if the option was available.

If you are a businesses stocking Fairtrade why not display our Ask for Fairtrade logo to your customers and staff? To request a print contact us and also make sure you are listed on this website.

If you're a business interested in stocking Fairtrade visit our "Stock Fairtrade" webpage and contact us for help in getting Fairtrade samples or if you've eny other questions.

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